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Our V Walls are high quality, freestanding, precast concrete units. They are designed to be sited on an existing concrete floor slab or foundation and, for improved site safety and maximum efficiency, are bolted down using fixing bolts to prevent movement. It is this uniqueness that makes them suitable for a variety of uses.


1. Simply installed and easily moved
2. Designed for materials up to 16kN/m3
3. Manufactured to ISO quality and environmental standards
4. Inverted Y shape design provides high capacity
5. Value engineering means less concrete than typical alternatives
6. Engineered to allow for up to 4m high units and 1.25m wide
7. No protruding foot


1. Position, line and level wall units on continuous mortar bed, both sides. Strike mortar off flush.
2. Drill 16mm diameter holes, 125mm deep into base slab, using holes in unit as pilots.
3. Insert 16mm screw bolts with plate washer into each hole, then tighten to 100N/m torque.
4. Using non-shrink mortar and a trowel, fill recess and strike off flush.
5. Leave to cure for a minimum of 48 hours before loading.