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Precast Stair Systems along with Stair and Elevator Shafts are an economical, quick solution for any new building. They are compatible with precast, steel, block or any type of building product. This product can speed up the construction schedule greatly by giving all trades access to all floors as soon as construction begins. No temporary access stairs or dangerous scaffolding is needed.
Precast stairs are ideal for contractors as they substantially reduce time and efforts of the overall construction development. Depending on the project, stairs are manufactured with flight and landing as one element or as separate elements.
They are suitable for buildings using a precast system as well as for those with a conventional casting system. The installation and fixing method is flexible, effortless and safe

Advantages of Precast Stair Systems:

The off-site manufacturing process eliminates the need for formwork, site-poured concrete and the potential for delays.
Stairs are designed with a variety of landings, thread and riser size to suit individual project requirements
Once the precast stairs installed, the remaining construction activities can proceed with enhanced accessibility and safety.
Superior quality
Cost, time, labor and material savings
No topping or screed required
Multiple flights and landings can be installed within a day
Precast Stair Systems are durable and very low maintenance