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L Wall units are an ideal product where speed of installation is necessary They offer a fast, cost-effective solution to constructing retaining and containing developments Standard sizes range from 1m high up to 3.75m high, with a width of 1m for all units. 2m widths available for certain heights. Large range of sizes available Quick and easy installation, only 1 crane lift Create storage bays without imposing a load to the building frame No specialist trades required Can be loaded either side or both sides of the stem Retain material up to 18kN/m³ and AoR 30° or an additional 10kN/m³ Stability Corner units available for the 1m widths No heel – sheer reverse face (GB only) Available with heel feature to reverse (NI only)


1. Storage facilities
2. Division walls
3. General soil retention
4. Waste recycling bunkers
5. Making up levels within buildings
6. Bunker walls
7. Retaining walls


1. Position the units on to the shimmed concrete foundation.
2. Dry pack mortar to the edge of the base of the units to create a seal to the perimeter.
3. Through the 30mm preformed holes, drill a 20mm diameter hole, 150mm deep into the foundation.
4. Fill holes with Silka Anchorfix-1 resin to a level so that when the dowels are inserted, the resin becomes level with the top of the foundation (as a minimum).
5. Insert the B.16 dowel bar into the resin. Ensure that the bar is pushed to the base of the drilled hole.
6. Ensure the units are uniformly supported by using the grouting hole to completely flood the shimmed void (and grouting hole) with Parex C.S grout.
7. Grout around the dowel using Parex C.S grout so that the dowel is completely encapsulated.
8. Do not touch the dowel bar or unit until grout has achieved full strength, in accordance with grout manufacture guidelines.


The foundation requirements should be determined by a qualified engineer. Units placed on a concrete foundation should be bedded on mortar and wedged to attain correct alignment.