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(Precast Buildcon India Pvt. Limited) is a brand dedicated to offer a wide range of precast concrete products and construction components – exploring regional and global growth potential in the dynamic and ever changing construction industry. PBC champions the concepts of thought leadership, operational synergy and strategic approach with professionalism that collectively leads to mutual benefit. PBC prides itself in delivering products and services that consistently take the business forward and provide clients with new, exciting innovations to meet the ever increasing demand for quality and value for money._

Our principles

PBC, Precast Buildcon India - Est.2007-is a multidisciplinary Group having substantial expertise in various building construction and infrastructure development activities-integrating all projects from concept to commissioning.

Our Vision

To provide fast, affordable and durable solution to everyday building needs of people and organizations


* To become leaders in precast industry by developing and applying innovative technologies for better building solutions
* To develop a “system” in order to provide everyday building solution which is fast, easy to deliver, economical, durable and of high quality

Our Principles

Innovation, customer focus, high quality, cost effectiveness, employment opportunity for many

Our Values

Efficient team formation, working in team, encourage responsibility, empowering employees, personal integrity, enterprise appreciation and appraisal.


“PBC” – Founded by team of experts with hands on experience for over 3 decades in middle-east and are one of the first to foray with precast technology into the demanding field of construction in India. We position as the professional consultants for precast technology and its products.