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Hollowcore is a prestressed concrete slab manufactured with continuous voids to reduce weight and cost. It is primarily used as a floor and roof deck system. Hollowcore flooring systems provide safe, solid and secure flooring for your needs. This unique product is both strong and durable allowing for increased floor load capacity.
PBC hollow core slabs offer a fast and economical solution for suspended floors and roof construction, for masonry wall structure, concrete structures and steel structures. The slabs can be used as part of a full frame system in precast construction or in cast-in-situ frame construction. While supporting elements i.e. beams or walls are being constructed, Hollow core slabs can be fabricated separately and fitted when the structure is ready. This will result in reduced weight of structure and considerable saving in construction time.

Advantages of using a Hollowcore Flooring System:

• Quick and easy installation - The quick and easy installation nature of our product means that it takes barely 3-4 workers a day to install 500-600m2 of floor , boasting easy project implementation and production flexibility .
• Completely self-supporting - Our products are all completely self-supporting, requires no need of support during intsallation, for all loads and spans.Proving efficient,our products allow the possibility to load the floor immediately after installation,without the need of any in-concrete casting.
• Excellent lower surface finish - Our products have an excellent lower surface finish, due to the steel framework finish and as a rule can be unpainted minimally.When used in a residential construction setting, only a final smoothing is required, greatly reducing costs.
• Assured quality - The stamp of assured quality of our brand in ensured by the use of specific equipment for the manufacture of the concrete eelements and a high end quality control system.All of this is proven by the high element rigidity,high durability and load resistance, and minimun element height with high load capacity of our products, all proving for large cost savings.

Wide range of applications including walls, floors and roofs.Plane and even surfaces, ready to receive putty and paints, avoiding the need for false ceilings.
Advantageous load-span characteristics due to low dead weight, pre-stressing high strength concrete.
Early project completion date adding to the fast process of erection without the use of any propping or scaffoldings
Hollowcore is naturally fire resistant, offering 2+ hour fire ratings with no additional fireproofing needed, resulting in lower construction and insurance costs.
Being very economical and providing unlimited design flexibility makes it possible for Hollowcore to work with unusual building shapes and cantilevers.
They are produced in a controlled factory condition using very high strength of concrete and under strict quality control.
About 5000 square feet of Hollowcore can be erected each day allowing for an extremely fast floor system.

Hollowcore is a prestressed concrete slab with continuous voids provided to reduce weight and cost. Hollowcore is primarily used as a floor or roof deck system.Hollowcore slabs are produced worldwide using a variety of manufacturing processes. PBC has chosen to use an extruder production system developed by Technocore. This state-of-the-art system is a dry cast, extrusion process where zero slump concrete is forced through the machine. The cores are formed with augers and tubes with the concrete being compacted around the cores using high frequency vibrators.

The top surface can be finished with a structural, composite concrete topping or by simply ‘feathering’ the joints with latex cement. We do not recommend carpet direct. The underside can be used as a finished ceiling as installed, by painting, or applying an acoustical spray.Plant provided openings are ‘rough openings”. If openings through the hollowcore slabs are to be left in an exposed condition, others may provide concrete patching or trimming of the opening with another building material.Hollowcore should be erected by personnel skilled in such work utilizing lifting devices and cranes capable of safely handling the slabs. The slabs are to be positioned and connected to the structure in accordance with PBC hollowcore drawings and details. The slabs are erected one at a time with slings and spreader beams specifically suited for hollowcore. There are numerous methods to connect the hollowcore slabs to the building frame. The type of connection is dependent on the building material the hollowcore bears on or connects to. PBC has a library of cost-effective connection details for concrete, masonry, steel and precast concrete construction. You may request for technical manual for further information on connection, load and other details as required.