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Our Precast Beams & Columns provide a flexible solution to the structural component of your project. Precast Beams & Columns can be used for a number of applications from parking structures to the structural framework of commercial, residential and industrial buildings. Create an ideal framework of Truss roof with our Beams & Columns to achieve desired longer spans and effective construction of your Industrial facility.

Advantages of Beams & Columns:

Precast Prestressed Beams & Columns provide unlimited flexibility in design, shape and application.
They are extremely durable compared to alternative building materials. Beams & Columns are produced under factory controlled conditions with high-strength concrete creating a quality, strong and durable product with no need for extra fireproofing.
Beams & Columns work well with other elements such as composite and steel roof structure.
Precast Prestressed Beams & Columns provide a clean, finished look for the structural component of the building